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Get Help Finding Florida Property Insurance

The Florida Market Assistance Plan (FMAP) is a free and convenient referral service that can help you find Florida property insurance coverage. Its online referral service works by matching you with local agents who can secure coverage from Florida-authorized personal residential insurance companies.

FMAP can help you find insurance coverage for houses, condominiums, mobile homes, town houses and apartments by matching your property information with agents writing coverage with Florida-authorized companies doing business in your area.

FMAP’s online referral service is designed for personal residential property; however, FMAP does offer direct referrals for commercial residential, commercial nonresidential or liability coverage. FMAP is not available for workers' compensation, employer's liability, malpractice or motor vehicle coverage.

How FMAP Works

When you register your Property Quote Request, FMAP provides participating local agents your property information to help find coverage for your home. Agents who think they can help you will contact you with quotes from private-market companies.

FMAP does not provide direct insurance quotes or lists of participating local agents or private-market insurance companies.

What You’ll Need

In addition to standard registration contact information, you’ll be asked to provide basic property information. You can find most of the information using the following resources:

Learn More

Unsure How to Answer Questions About Your Property?

You can find answers to most of your questions on the declarations page of your current policy or from your local property appraiser.

Research Before You Buy

Information about Florida-authorized property insurance company industry reports, consumer ratings and financial stability is available from companies, such as AM Best and Standard & Poor's, and from consumer magazines and websites.

Flood Insurance Is Not Included in a Standard Homeowners Policy

Visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency to learn more about the importance of flood insurance. Your agent can help you purchase flood insurance for your property.

Have You Found Coverage and No Longer Need FMAP?

  • If you found coverage through FMAP, please contact the agent to have them update your property quote request.
  • If you did not find coverage through an FMAP agent and are no longer in need of assistance, you can withdraw your account.


Property Quote Request

Don't Wait!

Help finding your next property insurance policy is only a click away*:

  1. Provide your property details.
    • Take a short questionnaire about your property.
    • Your information must be accurate to match you with agents. If you're unsure how to answer the questions, check your current insurance policy or county property appraiser's office.

  2. Provide your contact information.
  3. Submit your Property Quote Request.
    • Licensed agents will contact you to discuss your coverage options.

*If you need additional assistance registering you can call 800.524.9023.


If you have already registered you can review your property quote request information and/or update the need by date for your request.



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Consumer - Direct Referrals

Direct Referrals

In addition to our online matching service for residential property insurance, you also can get direct referrals for the following coverage types by calling FMAP at 800.524.9023:

  • Commercial residential – condo associations, apartment buildings, homeowners associations
  • Commercial nonresidential - restaurants, strip malls, office buildings
  • Liability – electric wheelchairs, in-home daycare, state contract eldercare, aircraft, animal liability, building contractor GL, business operations, boat, hull

*FMAP is not available for workers' compensation, employer's liability, malpractice or motor vehicle coverage.