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Our online service is designed to match consumer requests with agents who may be able to provide insurance coverage in the private insurance market for houses, condominiums, mobile homes, townhouses, apartments, etc. that are for personal, rental or vacation use.

You can search the FMAP database in real time or use the program's automated search feature that will notify you nightly when consumer requests match your specific search criteria. Access to update your record(s) is available at any time using your user ID and password.

Get Help in 5 Easy Steps

Note:You must be a licensed agent in Florida and appointed with at least 1 authorized insurer to participate in FMAP. FMAP referrals must be placed with admitted market carriers. You are prohibited from placing these leads with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation or surplus lines carriers.

Register your contact information (name, address, phone number, Social Security number) and DFS agent license number. Your login ID automatically is assigned (your license number), and you will choose a password.
Add Search. Set up search criteria based on what your admitted carriers can write in Florida. You can have up to 10 searches. The more detail you provide in your search criteria, the more accurate the FMAP system will be in pinpointing customers who meet your companies’ eligibility requirements.
Run a Search. After you have completed and saved your search criteria, you can search the FMAP database to find consumers who are looking for insurance coverage that match your requirements. You will be able to view the property address, need-by date, amount of coverage needed, property type, year built and construction type.
Tag records for solicitation. Once you tag a record, you will be provided the consumer’s name, telephone number(s) and e-mail address (if provided).
Solicitation status. The only requirement for you to receive free leads from FMAP is to let us know the results of your solicitation. You are required to update FMAP’s system within 30 days after you tag a record with your results.

Note:We recommend that any agent and their staff that utilize FMAP, review the Agent Tutorial to become familiar with all of FMAP’s features.