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Helping Florida property owners find coverage in the private insurance market is essential to the health of the state’s property insurance marketplace. The Florida Market Assistance Plan (FMAP) Online Referral Service connects shoppers looking for property insurance coverage for houses, condominiums, mobile homes, town houses and apartments with agents able to secure coverage from Florida-authorized insurance companies writing personal residential policies in their area.

About FMAP

Authorized by the Florida Legislature in 1985, the FMAP is a free and convenient referral service that matches Florida property insurance shoppers with local agents who can secure coverage from Florida-authorized insurance companies.

All Florida-licensed property and casualty insurers participate in the plan. The plan is funded through annual assessments of residential property insurers and operates according to statutory requirements. FMAP is administered by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and is governed by a Board of Governors.

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2019 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
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Board of Governors

Carlos Beruff - Chair
Scott Thomas - Vice Chair
Joshua Becksmith
Jason Butts
LeAnna Cumber
Erin Knight
Charles Lydecker
Jamie Shelton
Robert A. Spottswood

Board Meeting Information

12.06.23: FMAP Board of Governors
07.12.23: FMAP Board of Governors
03.29.23: FMAP Board of Governors
12.07.22: FMAP Board of Governors

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